Funding Areas

The New Breath Foundation conducts targeted grant-making, education, and advocacy efforts.
Currently, NBF provides grants on an invitation-only basis.


Hope & Healing

The Hope & Healing fund provides grants to AAPI communities directly impacted by criminalization, violence, and incarceration. Funding priorities include:

  • Trauma-informed support for survivors of crime, violence, and/or domestic abuse

  • Support for formerly incarcerated individuals and family members, with emphasis on addressing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and post incarceration syndrome (PICS)

  • Scholarships for survivors and individuals with incarcerated family members


Keeping Families Together

The Keeping Families Together fund provides grants to organizations that promote family unification and reunification efforts, in response to the growing threats of deportation and family separation impacting AAPI communities. Funding priorities include:

  • Deportation defense, including legal services and community organizing campaigns

  • Know your rights workshops and education about child protective services (CPS) issues, particularly for limited-English proficient immigrants and refugees

  • Family reunification efforts for those who have been separated from family members due to incarceration, intergenerational traumas, or other forms of stigma/shame


Movement Building

The Movement Building fund provides grants to organizations that lead public education, narrative-shift activities, policy change, and other movement building activities to advance systemic changes. Funding priorities include:

  • Improving community safety through restorative justice and criminal justice transformation efforts

  • Cross cultural and intersectional alliance-building

In addition to grant-making, the New Breath Foundation is an organizer, convener, and advocate around the three fund issue areas.

As the first Foundation with a formerly incarcerated “juvenile lifer” Founder/President, the New Breath Foundation is in a strong position to transform philanthropy, policies, and systems.